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West Point’s Timeless Leadership Values

Ken Blanchard’s Classic Leadership Theories

Patrick Lencioni’s Current Teambuilding Principles

  • Fact 1: Turnover costs for a salaried professional range from 150-200% of salary.

  • Fact 2: Turnover costs for an hourly wage employee ranges from 50%-100% of wages.

  • Fact 3: The #1 reason employees cite for leaving companies revolves around leadership.

The success of an organization rises and falls based on its leadership.  Most people in leadership positions receive significant training in the technical aspects of their jobs and almost none in leadership. If they do receive leadership training, it is periodic and event based training.  Becoming a better leader is a lifetime pursuit that cannot be accomplished by attending a one day seminar or reading a book.

Express Leadership University:   Frontline Leaders Program (Click here)

The #1 reason for employee turnover is their front line manager.  The goal of this program is to serve our clients through training their leaders on the front lines.  A team with great leaders at every level will always beat a team with good leadership only at the top.

Express Leadership University:  Executives Program (Click here)

If a tree stops growing, it starts dying.  If a leader stops growing everything around them will begin to die as well.  This program will be for Owners, CEO’s, C-Suite level executives and other leaders that shoulder responsibility for strategy development, leading other leaders and/or the hiring and firing of personnel.

Express Leadership University:  A La Carte Classes (Click here)

Not all leaders need to develop the same way or at the same pace.  These classes allow individuals and organizations pick from a menu of leadership topics to meet their needs.  The goal of these classes is to provide a combination of flexibility and consistency for our client companies and individuals.  For more on these classes email us at

Express Leadership University utilizes a Professional Training Team led by Dave Anderson. Learn more about Dave here.

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